It doesn't matter how long you worked in the field, Liberty will force you to buy their training program. And this will results in offering free service for them a few months.

After finally paying off the fee, they don't offer you many hours. Believe me, you would get enough hours. They said, it is because some interpreters respond quickly to take the assignments. If that's the case, why do they keep recruiting new people?

Obviously they don't have enough tasks. I realized that I won't be their priority because they actually have to pay me.

Either they are desperate for money or simply don't care for the interpreters. Don't waist your time!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of liberty language interpreters llc training. Liberty Language Services needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Yes, I agree. I don't get emails for all jobs available.

It is only barely couple of times in a week and at random timings. I wonder how people are always ready to get those jobs. Either they know through private messages so they are ready to accept the jobs.

Mostly I get jobs available next day or less than 24 hours, seems like no one else accepted them. No one responses to emails and text/voice messages at all.


Dear Interpreter;

I apologize you had this experience, there are so many factors that go in to which interpreter is selected for each assignment. Some times certain languages can receive a high level of request in a single month and others not as much.

This field is unpredictable, but to ensure you always have assignments join as many agencies as possible.

No interpreter can be forced to take our training. However, some (or most) of our clients require a certain training for the field. We will accept training from any other accredited agency, but this is a requirement that we have to fulfill for some of our clients.

If an interpreter chooses not to take the training they can be on our list for non-professional appointments.

We try to offer the student a chance to take the course without paying upfront so people who do not have the means can have a chance to get the training. I apologize you had this experience. I hope you will give us a chance to try and fix your concerns. Please call 888-746-9108 Ext.

3 and ask for Silvia. We will see what went wrong here. When we do fill a role for a language we try not to recruit for that language unless we have an issue filling appointments for that language. It is very possible that in this case we missed something.

When we make a mistake we pride ourselves on trying to fix it. If you did bring this up to Silvia in the past please tell her you want to talk to Timothy Worster. You will be transferred to me.

Everyone at Liberty wants those that come in contact with us, from the office staff, interpreters, clients, and LEP's to have a good experience when coming into contact with our company.

We also want to state, that if you are a contractor, we encourage all contractors to join as many agencies as possible to ensure they will get enough appointments. Liberty should not be the only source of income for the contractor. Again we apologize that you had this experience. If you are interested in giving us a chance to fix it please call the number above.

Respectfully, Timothy Worster Founder Liberty Language Services, LLC 888-746-9108 Ext. 3

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